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Change The Way You Enforce Public Reporting

Paradigm Capital Market software enables government organizations to perform large scale financial analysis and compliance assessments for financial disclosure obligations

Centralized Document Hub

Security & IFRS Intelligence

Workflow Management


A secured centralized hub for all your enforcement needs from document management to distribution

Company Portals

Rapidly connect systems new and old, providing a common access point for analysts to leverage cross-verified internal and external company information. Using these data integration capabilities, regulators can now analyze and enforce information communicated and distributed on multiple platforms.

Emerging Risks

Analysts can now identify, characterize, and eradicate new patterns of non-compliance upon identification. Our intelligent software quickly recognizes cases that conform to an identified pattern, enabling analysts to take swift action to eliminate any potential risk

Secure Sharing and Collaboration

We allow analysts and inter-department groups to collaborate seamlessly with one another. Entire business units can share analysis with one another- not just by passing reports and other data but by actually sharing data, conclusions, and analytical workflows. We’ve developed a robust permission based framework to ensure protection against leakage and unauthorized access.


Computer-Assisted, Human-Driven Analysis

We combine our powerful software with your industry expertise to facilitate risk detection, conduct special investigation, and ensure public corporations have met compliance obligations for the following documents.